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Nature Light Beauty

Luxury Handmade Hair & Body Care Products

Skin Questions

Here are some commonly asked skin questions

What products will help my ​skin types?

Our Products are made to balance out and work on various skin types.We make our products to achieve various skin care needs.And provide solution to different skin problems.

My skin is so sensitive to everything. Will your ​​​​​​​products bother it?

No,it will not bother it.But We will advice you to always do a patch test first.

Is there anything unscented ​​​for my sensitive skin?

We try to keep our products unscented. But They often take the natural scents of the fruits and herbs we use.

our body oils smells like orange because we infuse the orange peels to extract its essence as one of the ingredients that make up our beautiful glow body oil.

Product & Product ​Uses Questions

Here are answers to help you understand the best ways to use our products

​​​​Can the products go bad?

Like all products,it does expire and if put under the wrong temperature,it can go bad.SO always use keep your products in room temperature. Avoid heat

How do you use the sugar scrubs?

wet your body in the shower and apply all over starting from your legs you can use your hands or a clothe or a sponge to brush and massage it into your skin.Then,wash it off with soap and water.

What's the difference between made with love natural skin care and others?

This is a brief item description.

Is there gluten in these products?


​Are there vegan products?

our products do not contain animal products as of now.However,if we choose to to add any to future product dvelopments,It will be boldly indicated.

I've heard of  'Parabens'. What are they & How can they harm me?

These are synthetic chemicals that are used as preservatives.They are usually added to shampoos,conditioners,lotions,cleansers scrubs etc.
They are said to be harmful as it may cause endocrine disruption ,reproductive and developmental toxicity,allergies and immunotoxicity.

You can be rest assured that we do not add any form of parabens to our products.

General Questions

These are general questions you may have.

​Do you have a store?

Yes.Due to covid,We are operating online.However,call us if you have any special requests for pickup and delivery.

​​Return Policy

If your products are unused and unopened ,you should return within 7 days.

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